Swanson Highlands Pool - Rules and Regulations


General Rules and Regulations

  • The last 15 minutes of EVERY hour is a rest period (this is recommended by the American Red Cross for safety reasons). ALL children under 18 years of age MUST clear the pool. Sitting along the pool edge or in the blue area is NOT permitted.

  • The pool reserves the right to close when the air temperature is less than 68 degrees as reported by Weather.com at 46635, or when business does not allow the pool to remain open due to inclement weather. Please call the pool if you are uncertain if we are open.

  • Extended hours to 9:00 pm when air temperature is 80 degrees at 7:00 pm (at management’s discretion).

  • Management has the authority to close the pool due to inclement weather or to impose additional restrictions in the interest of health or safety.

  • Any person whose conduct jeopardizes the health, safety or welfare of the patrons, staff or the facility of Swanson Pool may have their temporarily or permanently membership revoked. This might include those with open wounds. Band-Aids should not be worn in the pool.

  • On days of competitive swim meets, the pool will reopen as soon as possible. These dates and times will be posted at the front desk and on the website prior to the day of the meet. The pool deck must be clean and ready to use prior to opening after a swim meet.

  • Walking is required on the deck, pool and shower areas. No rough play is allowed on the deck or in the pool.

  • Members should ensure that all children under the age of 12 who plan to slide or use the diving board have been swim tested by the life guards or manager. This includes ALL guests under the age of 12. Parents may not determine their swimmers ability. Swimmers must be able to swim the width of the pool or will not be allowed on the slide or the diving areas.

  • Only Swimming suits are allowed in the pool NO cutoffs or street clothes NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Diving is permitted in designated areas ONLY. No flips or back dives off the pool edge.

  • Use of the slide is limited to one slider at a time. Riders must slide in seated position feet first. No flotation devices are allowed in the diving well or on the slide. Sliders may not be caught by someone. Swimmers must stay out of the sliding lane. Sliders will exit at the ladder across from the slide.

  • All members 12 years of age and under must be accompanied by an adult member.

  • Members 13 years and older can be unattended at the pool unless there are disciplinary issues.


Guest Admittance

  • Babysitters registered with the pool are allowed admittance ONLY WHILE accompanying the child/children. They may enter the pool only in performance of their duties.

  • Guest passes are required, regardless of age. Passes are $5.00 per guest at the door. You may also purchase a 5-guest punch card for $20.00 or a 10-guest punch card for $30.00. Guests must be accompanied AT ALL TIMES by the adult members. Guest passes are only valid for the season in which they were purchased.

  • Guests under the age of 12 must be evaluated by the lifeguard and pass the swim test in order to use the diving board and slide.

  • The limit for purchasing individual Guest Passes is 5 passes without prior permission. Please email swansonpoolreg@gmail.com to obtain this permission.


Pool Rules


  • No running or rough play allowed on deck, pool, or shower areas.

  • No flips or back dives off of the pool edge.

  • No diving permitted other than in the designated diving area.

  • All swimmers must rinse off in the showers before entering either pool to swim.

  • Use of the diving area and slide is limited to people able to swim one length of the pool (as determined by a lifeguard).

  • When using the diving board only one person is allowed to dive at time. The deep end must be cleared of anyone from the previous person using the diving board. Failure to adhere to diving area rules may result in the loss of privileges using the diving board for the season!

  • Use of the slide is limited to one slider at a time. Riders must slide in seated position first. No flotation devices are allowed in the diving well or on the slide. Sliders may not be caught by someone. Swimmers must stay out of the sliding lane. Sliders will exit across the pool at the ladder.

  • Only sponge-type water specific balls will be thrown at the pool. Lifeguards have the right to restrict ball throwing at any time due to crowd size or inappropriate non water type balls are not allowed in the pool area including beach balls, soccer balls, volleyballs, etc.

  • Non-swimmers wearing flotation devices must be supervised at all times by an adult who is in the pool with the non-swimmer. Flotation devices MUST be physically attached to the non-swimmer. No rafts, large floats, noodles, kick-boards, etc. are allowed, as these are NOT attached to the swimmer.

  • Eating and drinking are allowed only in the designated food areas as mandated (by the Board of Health) and clearly marked. Lack of compliance could result in the shutdown of the pool.

  • Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in the pool/deck area, but may be done outside of the building the parking lot.

  • The use of profanity is prohibited. This is a community pool and members should behave respectfully to all members, managers and staff.

  • Parents are reminded that this is a community pool. Unsupervised child with discipline problems WILL be sent home immediately and may be suspended. This includes signing in other people as siblings instead of as guests.

  • Chairs must NOT be moved closer to the pool. It creates hazards on the deck and blocks the view of the lifeguards. Chairs are also reserved for those 18 and older.

Baby Pool

  • Only non-swimmers 5 years old and under are allowed in the baby pool. Older children MAY NOT be in the baby pool area.

  • Lifeguards are NOT responsible for the baby pool supervision. Children in the baby pool area should be supervised by an authorized babysitter at all times.

  • Swim diapers are REQUIRED ON ALL UNTRAINED CHILDREN. All infants and children requiring a diaper (real diapers are NOT allowed in ANY POOL - swim diapers only) or undergarment changes are required to change children in the restrooms. This is MANDATED BY THE BOARD OF HEALTH.